For families and friends:
You want to welcome a newborn baby and offer the perfect give to the parents?
To see a wishlist, please enter the first name of the babyborn or the last name of Mum/Dad. 

For parents:
You are expecting a baby and would therefore like to make up a birth list with Histoire Naturelle?

People love getting gifts for babies but they aren't always sure what you need. Help them to choose just the right baby gift by setting up a baby registry. We can help you set up your birthlist...
How to do?
1. We make an appointment in our store in Namur so we will be available to help you. Think about 6 or 8 weeks before the estimated date of birth to have time to prepare some items we have to order specially for you. You will have a wide choose between the fabulous brands: Lilliputiens, Moulin Roty, Haba, L'oiseau bateau, and many others.
2. Online.
Once you have registered on our website, you will be able to access your personal birth list.
You can choose items on our website and add them in one clic on your list.

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