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Harmonica Animambo

Harmonica Animambo

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  • AgeFrom 3 years old

Harmonica, from 3 years old

Dimensions : 15.4 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm

Putumayo kids, the famous worldmusic publisher, accompanies Djeco's instruments : for the purchase of each instrument, 2 well chosen music titles are offered, to be downloaded.

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Animambo : A fantastic animal carnival filled with colour! All the animals go marching past with a crash, boom, bang.  the crocodile leads the way with the xylophone, followed by the giraffe and the tiger beating on the drums, and then to the sound of the maracas, castagnets and cymbals come the elephant, lama and zebra.  Next we see the mouse and the rabbit whistling merrily away, as the owl on the metallophone, the dog on the guitar and the cock on the harmonica round off this joyful parade woth a flourish.